Our Philosophy

Design Approach

We at Technocraft insist that the working process should begin with a careful study of the client and user needs, including the project schedule and budget, all of which is prerequisite information in effective architectural and interior design work. The design is developed gradually from conceptual sketches through increasing levels of detail.

The real needs are often beyond written briefs and become apparent through discussions and demonstrations. We come with extensive and valuable experience but no baggage so that each project is approached as new and original territory, yet to be explored.

We are not peddlers of the fashionable. We believe that good design defies fashion, is truly innovative, eminently sensible, yet a source of inspiration to those who have the pleasure of living with it.

Design Philosophy

Form is the result of function, budget and needs. Good design should capture excitement and interest. Residential Architecture is finding a balance between Architectural Design & Interior Design. .Technocraft attributes their success to their strong belief that this balance needs to blend the strengths of Architectural Design with the sensitivities of Interior Design. The result is a totally integrated, coordinated, finely detailed environment. From the way a house presents itself to a neighborhood, to exacting interior proportions and lighting, to the positioning of interior furnishings this approach has garnered Technocraft a large repeat clientele.

We prefer a collaborative approach to design that encourages our clients to develop and hone their own style and taste. We provide value to our clients by discouraging short-lived trends, instead opting for quality and timelessness. Our projects run the gamut from classic to modern, contemporary city apartments to sprawling bungalows. Ten thousand square foot Luxury homes to five hundred square foot studio apartments. Each project is exciting, and each project is uniquely tailored to the individual needs and expectations of our clients.

“God is in the details” is a phrase attributed to Mies Van Der Rohe and revered by architects as we endeavor again and again to do the right thing. Architecture is order, and this order carries throughout the building down to the smallest corner. There is no back side to architecture any more than there is a detail that is unimportant. Detailing expresses the “how” of buildings and when done with great care and skill reinforces the “why.”. It is a slow process whose results are seldom noticed. It has been said that good detailing should never show the agony it took to produce it, but should appear as if it had not been detailed at all, as if it went together the way it wanted to go together–or as Kahn has said, “the way it wants to be.”

Our Contractors are partners in bringing our design to fruition. We respect their ideas, their skills, and their hard work.

Our design philosophy can be summed up in basic four principles:

Timelessness–our designs transcends fashion and should never lose its appeal.
Simplicity–has to dominate execution and design.
Functionality–optimum functionality and uncompromising choice of materials
Innovation–the focus is on ground-breaking and visionary product development.